Driving has never been easier and safer with today’s in-vehicle safety technology. However, despite the latest advanced safety features that models like the 2019 Jeep Cherokee have to offer, road hazards still surface every once in a while. Here at Champion Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM FIAT in Downey, CA, we want our drivers to not only stay safe on the road, but to also know what to do when encountering a road hazard. To help you protect yourself and your vehicle, we’ve analyzed the most common types of road hazards and the best ways to overcome them. 

Poor Weather

We may not experience much rain or snow here in Downey, but slick streets and puddles can still do terrible damage to your vehicle if you aren’t careful. Whether you’re encountering slippery roads or impaired vision behind the wheel, it’s important to slow down and keep up with the flow of traffic. Don’t try to drive too quickly during a heavy rainstorm, or your vision will be even more obscured. If you’re having trouble seeing the road, don’t hesitate to pull over until the weather clears.

Careless Drivers

We may not consider reckless drivers to be road hazards, but they’re some of the most common hazards we face on the road. Careless drivers are so dangerous because they’re unpredictable and often unstoppable, but luckily, in most cases, it’s easy to deal with them. If you spot a reckless driver near your vehicle, make sure to slow down and allow the driver to pass. If the driver is being extremely reckless, it may be best to pull over or take a different route in order to avoid a possible collision.


Our dealers serving the Los Angeles area want everyone to stay as safe as possible when driving. To learn more or our expert tips for avoiding road hazards, visit Champion Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM FIAT and chat with some of our expert dealers. Don’t forget to check our our new inventory of vehicles when you stop by!